Custom-Tuned Eyesight Is the Latest Trend in Ophthalmology

20/20 vision is no longer enough to function in this world. In the latest trend in laser eye surgeries, people are tailoring their eyesight to suit their lifestyle or profession, hoping to give themselves an edge in their respective fields.

Need better long-range vision for some friendly night-time sniping from half a mile away? Tweak it. Want one eye adjusted for distance and the other for reading? Tweak it.

Laser-refractive surgery uses wavefront technology, which was originally developed by NASA to help the focus technology on the Hubble Telescope. Now it can map out 250 points on your cornea and iris, and help repair such conditions as halos around lights at night.

Everyone from politicians to professional athletes to military men are taking advantage of the medical advancement, which in turn is helping to make laser eye surgery a commonplace prodcedure (over 20 million served worldwide).

So until we get bionic implants and augmented reality sensors in our eyes, this is the future. The question is: are you next?

[via Times Online]