Video: A Japanese Company Will Scan and Print You a Statue of Your Gestating Fetus

The perfect gift for any occasion

3-D Print Your Unborn Child

Of course with any luck that child is going to be born one day, and then it is going to grow up and see this, and that's going to be weird.Fasotec

What you might not expect when you're expecting: a company that wants to 3-D print a statuette of your unborn child. Japanese engineering outfit Fasotec will gladly take an MRI scan of an expecting mother's fetus and using its BioTexture modeling software to capture 3-D data related to human tissues convert that scan into a CAD file, then print it up in resin. It's called the "Shape of Angel" service (what else?), and it will only set you back roughly $1,250.

That makes it the most expensive way to completely creep out everyone you know. The MRI captures the entire pelvic region, so the mother's body is printed in a clear resin and the baby in white. The tiny keepsake (it only stands a few inches tall) is then ready for display on your mantel, or perhaps as a centerpiece at your next dinner party.

A gift box is included, because what you want to do after you 3-D print an unborn fetus is give it to someone.