The Most Amazing Science Images of the Week, May 7-11, 2012

This week, we have beautiful jewel caterpillars that look like they were sculpted out of slick crystal, a massive architectural concept inspired by Twitter, artist's concepts of super Earths and black holes, but really, it's all about this guy. A mere few days old, this baby elephant still lacks a name. We left our suggestions in the gallery, but welcome yours!

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Jewel Caterpillar
The Jewel Caterpillar--probably, though it hasn't been formally confirmed, an Acraga coa, belonging to a family of moths known as Alceridae--is sometimes known as a "slug caterpillar" due to gooeyness. This one was photographed near Cancun, Mexico. [via BoingBoing]Gerardo Aizpuru
Super Earth
This artist's concept of a so-called "super Earth" is a representation of a first-of-its-kind view that NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope caught this week. For the first time, we've seen direct light from a super Earth, "using its sensitive heat-seeking infrared vision." The planet is incredibly close to the star it orbits, and probably has a rocky core surrounded by both liquid and gaseous water. Read more here.NASA/JPL-Caltech
London Rooftop Missiles
We learned last week that, to protect the games or possibly just freak us the hell out, some London residents will play host to rooftop missiles during the Olympics. Here's what that missile will look like: a Starstreak High Velocity Missile. Read more here.Wikimedia Commons
Calico Lobster
This is a calico lobster. Caught off the coast of Maine, it was originally going to be eaten, because obviously, lobsters are delicious, that's what you do with them. But it's weird coloration (only 1 in 30 million are colored this way) led it to the New England Aquarium instead. Read more here.Tony LaCasse/New England Aquarium
Unnamed Baby Elephant
This baby elephant, only three days old, resides in the Berlin Zoo. But he doesn't have a name yet! Ridiculous! We did some Googling and came up with a few suggestions:Sean Gallup/Getty Images
DIY Double-Seater Sub
Zhang Wuyi, a farmer, created this double-seater sub--one of six. To see more photojournalism like this, head over to American Photo Mag.Reuters/Darley Shen
Earth as Art
The U.S. Geological Survey occasionally exhibits some of the amazing satellite imagery taken of our planet--even though the satellite is for scientific purposes, sometimes it produces just stunningly beautiful images. Read more here.USGS
A Danish architecture firm called BIG have designed an apartment building, or group of buildings, or something, that is/are shaped like a hashtag. #Unlikely but #supercool. Read more here.BIG
Black Hole Revs Up
This artist's concept of the galaxy Arp 220 is based on data picked up by the Hubble Space Telescope. It's meant to show how a black hole that's revving up in power can suppress a galaxy's ability to birth new stars. Read more here.NASA/JPL-Caltech
Cereal Science
In one of our favorite stories of the week, a team of scientists sought to answer a question that has plagued absolutely nobody for absolutely no time: why does cereal taste better with milk than with water? Included in the article (which had amazing quotes) were these precise/hilarious magnified shots of soggy breakfast cereal.Wenceslao T. Medina, Andre ́s A. de la Llera, Juan L. Condori, and Jose ́ M. Aguilera