The Most Amazing Science Images of the Week, February 6-10, 2012

There are lots of amazing images in this week’s roundup; there’s the likely discovery of a massive former ocean on … Continued

There are lots of amazing images in this week’s roundup; there’s the likely discovery of a massive former ocean on Mars, there’s a purple squirrel, there’s an incredible augmented reality project, and lots more. But we can’t stop looking at–and thinking about–the noble Cyber Woman With A Corn.

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Sticky Horses

The purpose of the zebra’s striped coat is a deep mystery to biologists. But according to a new study, they evolved that way to confuse and keep away a certain type of blood-sucking fly. The test involved life-sized sticky horse-models. Read more here.

Ancient Cluster

This deep sky object, known as NGC 6572, is over 10 billion years old–one of the most ancient collection of stars ever seen. In fact, it’s more than twice as old as our own solar system. Read more at NASA.

LEGO’s Offices

The PopSci offices are pretty cool; there are usually robots and all kinds of gadgets around to play with. But these LEGO offices look amazing, and we’ve been in a LEGO-friendly mood ever since our own Corinne Iozzio began her LEGO master training. Read more about the offices over at FastCoDesign.

Get the Ball!

Seth Casteel’s photographs of underwater dogs collected here (his site appears to be down due to excessive traffic) are amazing. I don’t even like dogs, really, but look at how happy and determined they are! I hope they get the ball.

Cyber Woman With Corn

Max Read over at Gawker turned us on to this amazing Shutterstock series, mysteriously titled “Cyber Woman With a Corn.” What could you use this photo to illustrate? What couldn’t you use it for? Read more at Gawker.

Wolf Face

We posted this video earlier this week, but we haven’t nearly extinguished our fascination with it. Look at the wolf! He’s surprised!


We’ve been obsessed with the insane genius Twitter spam account @Horse_Ebooks for months now–check out our friend John Herrman’s excellent post over at SplitSider for more info–so this automated bookmarklet that turns every site into a chaotic wonderland of @Horse_Ebooks quotes is just about our favorite thing ever. This is what looks like.

Squirrel Purple

In a small town in Pennsylvania, a couple found a purple squirrel., of all places, found the story, and is investigating to their full abilities. Make sure to read their coverage to see what their senior meteorologists think of this purple squirrel.

“Like a Fat DeLorean”

The new Tesla Model X is a crossover, based on the same platform as the Model S, which is not out yet. It’ll be a plug-in electric vehicle, and yeah, it has gullwing doors. Read more over at Jalopnik.

Martian Ocean

Says the ESA: “New results from the MARSIS radar on Mars Express give strong evidence for a former ocean of Mars.” It’d be a massive ocean, covering a major part of the northern hemisphere of the planet. Read more here.