The Most Amazing Science Images of the Week, February 13-17, 2012

Happy Valentine's Week! Have a space rose. Or a cube that tells you the weather outside by touch, that's a good gift, right? Or the tiniest most adorable chameleon ever found, know what, just click through and check out the most amazing images of the week. They are, as the headline suggests, amazing.

Click to see the most amazing science images of the week.

The Soup

U.K. artist Mandy Barker shot this ocean scene out in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. So no, those aren't heretofore undiscovered jellyfish-like creatures. That's all garbage. Pretty, though. Read more over at Treehugger.Mandy Barker

Cosmic Dust

That red streak is a huge string of cosmic dust, trailing off the Taurus molecular cloud about 450 light-years from Earth. There's actually a video of the dust over at (MPIfR/ESO/OSO)/A. Hacar et al./Digitized Sky Survey 2

Weather Cube

The Cryoscope Haptic Weathervane, created by Robb Godshaw of Syyn Labs, solves the eternal(ly minor) problem of not knowing exactly how warm it is outside and not wanting to venture out there to actually feel it. What does a degree number mean, anyway? Pah! Numbers! This cube has an Arduino processor inside it that brings the surface of the cube to the precise temperature of the air outside, so you can feel it while not wearing any pants or shoes. Read more over at FastCoDesign.Cryoscope

Pizza Plate

A paper plate that sits underneath your pizza, allowing you to separate your pizza into slices, each with its own slice-shaped paper plate fragment. It's a Red Dot Design Award winner, for good reason. [via Gizmodo]Yu Kyung Ha, Won Min Jung, and Kwon Young Hee

The Rosette Nebula

The Rosette Nebula, chosen as NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day earlier this week, is the perfect Valentine's Day space object, because it's pretty and it sort of looks like a rose. Read more at NASA's site.Brian Davis

Best Tiniest Lizard

This chameleon, discovered in Madagascar, is the smallest of its species known to man. It is adorable and we want a hundred of them. Read more here.Glaw et al/PLoS One

Snowflake Macro

German photographer Matthias Lenke takes amazing macro shots of various objects. A lot of his stuff is on Flickr, and it's all just as incredible as this snowflake. [via ThisIsColossal]Matthias Lenke

Conquer the Space!

This incredible propaganda posters for the Soviet space program come from the period between 1958 and 1963. They say things like "Conquer the space!" and "Glory to the Soviet people--the pioneer of space!" and "Socialism is our launching pad." See more at RussiaTrek.via RussiaTrek

When Galaxies Collide

This is what's called a "stealth merger" of two dwarf galaxies. It's not a painless merger, though; apparently the smaller galaxy gets "torn apart" upon impact, contributing to the size of the larger one. [via io9]Subaru Telescope, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)

Robonaut Handshake

Here it is, folks, the first human-humanoid handshake to ever take place in space. One small shake for human and humanoid kind... (see the video here).NASA