The Most Amazing Science Images of the Week, June 4-8, 2012

Today is the Images of the Week: Space Edition. There's this long-exposure shot, but also the Space Shuttle trudging past the Statue of Liberty, Venus passing over the sun, a gorgeous shot of the Sagittarius constellation, and many more. Also polar bears frolicking. Enjoy!

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Make Me Bumpy
Touchscreens aren't great interfaces for cars--they demand too much of your visual attention to be particularly safe. Tactile displays like the Tactus concept that actually creates "buttons" on the fly. Amazing stuff if they can pull it off. Read more here.Tactus Technology
Vesta's Many Colors
This shot, from a video taken by NASA's Dawn mission, shows Vesta, the giant asteroid, in a new light. It's not really those colors, of course. It's just colored that way to show elevation. Still pretty though. Read more here.NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA/PSI
The most bonkers story of the week, by far. Read more here.Stringer/Reuters
Long Shot
Astronaut Don Pettit is actually one of our favorite photographers, and we especially love his extremely long exposures--makes space look completely wild, almost like a videogame. See more of them here.Don Pettit/NASA
A Nooked Light
A lazy little bit of find-and-replace led to every instance of the word "Kindle" being replaced with the word "Nook" in the Barnes & Noble Nook's version of War and Peace. Too bad it's an actual word and not just a trademark name.via Gizmodo
This gorgeous shot from Martin Pugh shows the Sagittarius constellation with three of its nebulae, named (not so interestingly) M8, M20, and MGC 6559. Read more here.Martin Pugh
Impulse Flight
The Solar Impulse, a long-range solar-powered aircraft, hopes to be the first of its kind to circumnavigate the globe, with the attempt scheduled for 2014. This week it attempted a flight between Europe and Africa to warm up. Read more here.Jean Revillard, Solar Impulse
Hello Old Girl
The Space Shuttle Enterprise trudges up the Hudson River in New York City on its way to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, with some statue or something in the background. Read more here.NASA/Bill Ingalls
A six-month-old polar bear cub frolics with her mother in a zoo in Wuppertal, Germany. Read more here.Ina Fassbender/Reuters
Hello Venus
We got real excited about the transit of Venus this week. Here's a nice picture! For more photojournalism like this, check out American Photo.Kim Kyung Hoon/Reuters/ JAXA/Handout