The Most Amazing Science Images of the Week, February 20-24, 2012

It’s rainy/snowy/gross outside the PopSci headquarters in New York. But through the grey gloom, one little boy has given us … Continued

It’s rainy/snowy/gross outside the PopSci headquarters in New York. But through the grey gloom, one little boy has given us the will to make it through the week. We call him Chomp Boy. Chomp away, Chomp Boy. You enjoy that berry. Enjoy it for all of us. As tribute, we’ve given him the prime spot in a particularly excellent roundup of the week’s most amazing images–exploding stars, x-rayed eels, and rockets screaming through the northern lights are all to come.

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Sock-Sneakers. Snockners. Sneakocks?

Nike’s new running sneakers are designed like knit socks with soles, kind of. The line is called Flyknit, poised to capitalize on the hottest trend (of 2005), knitting, with a bunch of space-age reinforcement design. Read more over at FastCoDesign.

I <3 Foxconn

Foxconn employees attend a rally at the Foxconn campus in Shenzhen.

Viper Moray

This shot of a viper moray, a saltwater eel in the moray family, comes from a new exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History in D.C. called X-Ray Vision: Fish Inside Out. Read more about it here, or, better yet, just head to the museum. The exhibit’ll be there until August.


Beijing is the site of the 7th Annual International Strawberry Symposium, in a district called Changping that’s apparently known for its strawberries. Here’s the thing: none of us will ever be as happy as that adorable child about to do a no-hands chompdown on those strawberries. For more great news images (strawberry-related or otherwise), check out American Photo for a full roundup of this week’s best photojournalism,

Windows, Meet iPad. iPad, Windows

OnLive, known mostly for their tech wizardry that allows you to play full, intensive videogames on any computer (or mobile device), has a new service called OnLive Desktop Plus. Desktop Plus turns your iPad into a Windows desktop, with gestures and multitouch intact, by hosting the actual OS on its beefy servers. Read more here.

Not a Lung

This might look like those photos of blackened, tar-encrusted lungs you find on foreign cigarette packs, but it’s actually a Hubble image showing the Eta Carinae system just prior to its supernova. It explodes in a dumbbell shape rather than a consistent sphere, interestingly enough. Read more here.

Encased in Itself

This isn’t frozen, and it’s not a candy shell. It’s an edible plastics-based container of yogurt, lightly crusted in oatmeal, and it’s part of a nutritious breakfast (in the future). Read more about how it was done here.


Terrible idea, or the worst idea? We leave that up to you. These pants seem pretty self-explanatory, but if you want to read more, click here.

Interior Design Climb

Rocks are outside, not inside. If you want to climb up an indoor wall, why not make hand- and foot-holds out of something a little more…interior? Like picture frames? This Japanese climbing wall looks so, so fun. Read more at io9.


A two-stage suborbital rocket, screaming through the Northern Lights over Alaska. Read more here.