Cut chore time and cost with these discounted robovacs

Achieve spotless floors for a whole lot less money and effort with these limited-time discounts on Shark vacuums.

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If the last way you want to spend your free time is lugging a vacuum around the house to suck up crumbs, pet hair, dust, and dander, the thought of a robot vacuum can certainly be enticing. However, the dream of hands-free cleaning generally comes at a higher price tag than your average vacuum. So if you’ve been waiting to take the plunge, these discounts on Shark vacuums make it an ideal time to address the much-dreaded chore of floor cleaning with some automated assistance.

Shark AI Robot Self-Empty XL Vacuum in Black $550 (Was $650)

Seamless Cleaning

Say goodbye to the days of vacuuming and hello to Bruce—at least that’s what our associate managing editor, inspired by the animatronic shark in Jaws, says he has named this self-emptying robot vacuum. Putting Bruce through his paces on a mix of carpet and hardwood, he told me that his dog hates it and the humans love it. Sorry, Charli (that’s the dog), but Bruce is here to stay. The high-powered suction on this vacuum can pick up any variety of dirt, debris, and Charli hair, and even employs a HEPA filter to capture allergens and keep them out of the air. The connected SharkClean app (iOS and Android) allows you to control the vacuum and map your home with multiple cleaning zones, select UltraClean Mode to target high-traffic areas, and pinpoint spots or rooms that require deep cleaning. With guests coming over the other night, Bruce was called upon with a few taps to target the living room while the humans tackled food prep, etc. Multitasking! Do you enjoy roasted in-shell peanuts, like our editor, but don’t like a carpet littered with flakes of peanut skin, like our editor’s partner? With the added function of voice controls, you can simply ask this AI machine to quickly tidy up after snack time. The vacuum holds up to 120 minutes of run time and automatically returns to the dock to empty itself or to recharge if it runs low on battery. And it’s just plain fun to watch Bruce problem-solve a tangle of chair legs from the comfort of the couch. Don’t be the Jaws mayor: Take care of the mess before it gets worse with the help of a Shark robot vacuum.

Shark ION Robot RV772 Vacuum in Smoked Ash $240 (Was $280)

Affordable Pick

The Shark ION Robot allows you to clean your entire home hands-free, with a dynamic brush system that can clean both hard floors and carpets for up to two hours. While this pick doesn’t include the handy self-empty feature of our other top selection, its smart technology can still cut hours off your weekly chores—all you’ll have to do is empty the bin. You can connect the Shark ION to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and the SharkClean app to schedule cleaning, make commands, or power off.

Also need a stick, upright, or handheld vacuum for stairs and spot cleaning? Here are more impressive discounts:

Shark Rocket Corded Stick Vacuum $170 (Was $200)

Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System $170 (Was $200)

Shark Vertex DuoClean PowerFins Upright Vacuum $430 (Was $500)

Shark VACMOP Pro Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop $80 (Was $100)

Shark HH202 UltraLight Corded Handheld Vacuum $80 (Was $100)

Shark Cordless Pet Stick Vacuum $200 (Was $260)

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away with Self-Cleaning Brushroll Upright Vacuum $330 (Was $380)

Shark Vertex DuoClean PowerFins Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum $380 (Was $450)


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