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Monitor stands and height-adjustable desks

Huanuo Amazon

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You can save up to 26 percent on items to make your desk set-up more comfortable. While there’s not much evidence that standing desks benefit your health, we’ve got a couple people in the office that swear by them. Choose between three monitor stands or two adjustable-height desks, one of which is electric. Prices range from $18-$187.

As a side note, this Fitueyes 16.7-inch monitor stand is a little cheaper, more modern looking, and on sale for only $13.

Roomba 850

iRobot Amazon

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The iRobot Roomba 850 robo vacuum is on sale for $150 off. The 14-inch circular vacuum is only 3.6 inches high, which means it’ll fit under most furniture. It’s controlled with a remote and recharges itself in a separate docking station. This Roomba is smart; it adjusts its cleaning head when it switches between carpets and wood floors and adjusts its course when it detects a wall. Get one today for $290.

Car organizers

Kmmotors Amazon

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For the first time since I’ve been working here, these pocket car organizers are on sale for up to 25 percent off. There are three models to choose from, all of which will hold your loose change, phone, and other accessories you typically drop in the seat crevasse. One even has a cupholder. Install it between the seat and inside console or attach it with 3M sticky tape. All the car organizers are available here.

Nintendo gear sales

Think Geek Think Geek

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I’ve been playing Nintendo Switch a lot more lately (for reviews, I promise!), so when I saw Think Geek’s huge Nintendo sale, I did a casual perusal. They don’t have any Donkey Kong swag—I’m testing Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze—but I’m all about the Game Boy coffee canister, Super Mario rolling pin, and the Super Nintendo controller wall art. The full list of savings are a’ this way.

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