Albert Einstein passed away 61 years ago today, April 18, 1955. In honor of the anniversary of his death, we put together this gallery of photos, courtesy of the Albert Einstein Archives/Greenlight.


Albert Einstein circa 1905

The year he famously published five papers, including his Theory of Special Relativity

Einstein Family on Vacation

In Sellin, Ruegen Island in Germany with his second wife Elsa (left), his daughter Ilse (far left), and his stepdaughter daughter Margot (right) in July 1915.

Einstein in Paris

In Paris, France, March-April of 1922.

Albert and Elsa in Tokyo

Albert and Elsa at the University of Commerce in Tokyo with Japanese faculty, including Prof. Ueda Tatsunosuke in November 1922.

Einstein and Charlie Chaplin

Einstein attends the premiere of “City Lights” with Charlie Chaplin

Einstein in his garden

Einstein in his Princeton garden with the delegation from the American Continental Club