Hydraulic Press Versus Nearly Invincible Glass Teardrops

A new challenger emerges. Who will win?

Prince Rupert Drops in Hydraulic Press

Prince Rupert Drops in Hydraulic Press

Prince Rupert Drops are crushed against different materials in a hydraulic pressYoutube

The hydraulic press wars are heating up, and the best video this week (so far) is entertaining and educational.

PressTube, one of the challengers to the Hydraulic Press Channel throne, just took the science angle up a notch. Eschewing household items, they went for everyone's favorite scientific wonder, the Prince Rupert's Drop.

Prince Rupert's Drops are a bead of molten glass rapidly cooled as they fall into water. The resulting crystal structure makes them nearly indestructible--unless you crack the tiny, delicate tail in some way.

Needless to say, crushing one under a hydraulic press without damaging the tiny hair-like tail was a challenge, but these guys took it head on. Props, PressTube.

Watch the results of Prince Rupert's Drops versus wood, lead, and steel below: