Four pizza makers that are worth the dough

Knead I say more?

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Make pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.Salomé Watel via Unsplash

Making pizza at home is fun. You can experiment with different types of dough, various cheeses, and whether or not listening to mambo music during prep results in a tastier pie (it does). But, even if you're not a culinary adventurer, having your own pizza oven can seriously cut down on those takeout bills. Here are pizza makers that will make you say cowabunga and probably want to make pizza most nights of the week.

Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone

Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone

My pizza looked better than this!Amazon

This Old Stone Oven round pizza stone is what got me hooked on making pizzas. The 16-inch stone is safe up to 2,000-degrees—I cooked at 550-degrees—has a non-stick surface, and has raised bottom which makes it easier to pick up out of the oven. From my experience, you’ll get crispier pizza more consistently from this thing, but less control over what type of pizza you make. You won’t be able to make a deep-dish pizza on this stone. Its smooth surface also makes it a breeze to clean.

Ooni Koda propane gas-powered pizza oven

Ooni Koda

Pizza maker for the backyard or your next camping trip.Amazon

If you’re out camping and want to make some pizzas, the 25 x 16 x 12-inch Ooni Koda propane gas-powered pizza oven is a choice pick. The 20-pound, cold-rolled carbon steel shelled oven has an insulated body to evenly distribute heat. This means your pizza will cook evenly on the built-in stone baking sheet. The pizza maker can reach up to 932-degrees Fahrenheit in just one minute, and can fully cook a 12-inch pizza in only sixty seconds. The legs fold up and the oven comes with a stone baking board. It’s a heck of a lot better than beef jerky for the fourth meal in a row. Propane tank sold separately.

BakerStone pizza box

BakerStone pizza box

Cook pizza in under four minutes.Amazon

If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t need to spend every second in front of the game and likes experimenting in the kitchen, snag a BakerStone pizza box. Do a little preparation the day before—buy or make your dough, cheese, and other toppings—and have made-to-order pizzas for your guests. The stainless steel BakerStone has double-wall insulation, meaning it retains heat and can reach up to 800-degrees Fahrenheit. It can cook a pizza in under four minutes. It fits up to 11-inch pies and fits directly on top of your indoor gas stovetop.

Betty Crocker Pizza Maker

Betty Crocker Pizza Maker

Can heat up anything from pizzas to pita bread.Amazon

The electric Betty Crocker pizza maker has a non-stick coating that’s easy to clean and won’t ruin the bottom of your pie. This 6-pound device folds for easy storage and portability. It can take a frozen pizza from icy to mouth-burning in about 15 minutes.