Marvel Announces Science, Tech, and Math-Devoted Comic Book Covers [Exclusive]

Arriving November 2016
Spider Man

Spider-Man Miles Morales hard at work on of Marvel's new STEAM-dedicated comic book variant covers. Marvel

Marvel heroes are no strangers to science. Characters like Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, Reed Richards and many more all have ties in science as either part-time, or full-time, scientists. Keeping with their science-based roots, Marvel’s latest crop of characters are engaging in the science fun as well.

In an attempt to spark interest in math and the sciences amongst readers, Marvel will introduce STEAM variant covers. Each cover will represent one of the themes relating to science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. The education-themed Marvel covers will hit stands November 2016.

In a statement issued by Marvel, senior vice president of sales & marketing David Gabriel mentions how Marvel’s characters have inspired fans for ages. “With our new STEAM variants, we plan to continue to motivate our fans to explore their passions in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art, and math,” said Gabriel, “and present these disciplines through some of our favorite young heroes who are doing just that – following their dreams and preparing for the challenges that await them ahead.”

Check out the upcoming Marvel covers below! (Marvel’s Invincible Iron-Man “Engineering” cover has yet to be released. We’ll update this post when it happens.)

(Update: The Iron Man engineering cover has been added!)

Moon Girl: Science

Moon Girl Marvel STEAM cover
The Moon Girl, Lunella Lafayette, covers Marvel’s STEAM-branded issue. Marvel

Spider-Man Cover: Technology

Iron-Man Cover: Engineering


Champions Cover: Arts

Marvel STEAM branded cover

Gwenpool Cover: Math

Marvel STEAM Cover Gwen Stacy Gwenpool