62 percent off iPhone 8 cases and other good deals happening today

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Power Wheels

Up to 30 percent off on Power Wheels cars. Amazon

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The Amazon Tap—Amazon’s portable Alexa-enabled Bluetooth speaker—is now 36 percent off, bringing it down to $80, or the lowest price so far this year. It’s got a nine-hour battery life, connects over Wi-Fi, and delivers 360-degree sound. Or, for 16 percent off, you can snag a refurbished Echo Dot.

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After last week’s Apple event, we’ve had our eye out for accessories. Anker’s Karapax line has some new iPhone 8 cases on sale today. This one is 62 percent off. It’s got a grippy 3D texture and a durable, polycarbonate frame. The company—which is beloved for offering simple, top-quality tech goods for cheap—is also offering a rugged option and models for the iPhone 8 Plus. $10.

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If you have a child—or, like me, still have the whims of one—you’ll be stoked to know that Power Wheels are on sale. I don’t care if I can’t fit comfortably inside of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles car … I wan’t it. There are different models to choose from, though most come with a rechargeable 12-volt battery and a travel speed between 2.5 and 5 miles per hour. Ooh, and check out the solo Wild Thing cars, which can spin 360 degrees. They’re all 30 percent off today.

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Sports trampolines are up to 26 percent off. These single-person bouncers designed with durable, elastic cords and a steel frame and legs. It’s meant for exercise, though your kids will like it, too.

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