Start spring cleaning early with Amazon deals on vacuums, air purifiers, and more

Get into the spring spirit and save some green with these deals on air purifiers, composters, and indoor gardens on Amazon.
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According to the clairvoyant groundhog and proud Pennsylvania celebrity known as Punxsutawney Phil, we’re due for six more weeks of winter. That doesn’t mean you have to wait into the deep throes of April to start your Spring cleaning. You can go through your sock drawer or demolish the dust bunnies living rent-free in your home right now. Amazon has deals on air purifiers, vacuums, indoor gardens, and more, just in time to start your home purification process over this Presidents’ Day long weekend.

roborock S7+ Robot Vacuum and Sonic Mop with Self-Empty Dock $699.98 (Was $949.98)

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Focus on dusting off those shelves and saving money while you let the roborock S7+ take care of the floors at 26% off its usual price. Sonic vibration tech that scrubs up to 3,000 times per minute leaves your floors squeaky clean, and 2,500 Pascal Pressure units of suction get all kinds of dirt and debris off your floor. Your carpets stay dry thanks to sensors that automatically lift the mop, and an onboard filtration system stops what’s stuck on the floors from getting into the air. LIDAR navigation makes an accurate map of your home so you won’t have to crawl under the couch to get the vacuum unstuck, and Adaptative Route Algorithms work to make routes even more efficient. It’s self-emptying for up to 120 days, meaning it’s truly a hands-off device. For hard-to-reach crevices, we’re fans of this Puetz Golf Pressurized Handheld Multi-Surface Natural Steam Cleaner, which is 50.39—that’s 66% off its regular price. ps-deals-20

If the sunshine has you longing to flex your green thumb, but the cold weather prevents it, try the AeroGarden Harvest with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit, which is on sale for $79.95—that’s a massive 52% off its OG $164.95 price. This hydroponic indoor garden lets you grow six plants at a time up. It grows in water—thus the name “hydroponic”—which means no soil and no mess. A control panel lets you know when to add water and plant food. You don’t even need to worry about turning on the lights—they automatically turn on and off.

While you’re on the green and clean kick, invest in a countertop composter—we’re fans of this one from Lomi, which is $150 off. It includes a free Lomi filter and pod and a free upgrade to a three-year warranty. The luscious dirt the Lomi creates can go in your other indoor plants, your garden, or in a green bin, depending on the mode you selected.

Get these deals before they scurry away, just like good ol’ Phil after seeing his shadow.

Here are other deals that make tidying up good, clean fun:

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