PopSci Sponsored Post: Did You Miss It? Tech Expert Q&A, Sponsored By Samsung Smart TVand Sound+Vision partnered with Samsung Smart TV for a live Tech Expert Q&A last Tuesday, 6/19! Users joined us on PopSci’s Facebook page for an hour to discuss TV, Entertainment, content without using a cable provider as well as the new Samsung Smart TV’s Smart Interaction technology and Smart Content.

Editor, Dan Nosowitz from PopSci and Editor, Michael Berk from Sound+Vision along with “Mr. Samsung”, our guest Tech Expert, tag-teamed by responding to your questions in real time!

In case you missed it, below are some questions from the Tech Expert Q&A, but be sure to check out the answers and full conversation, which is still live on PopSci’s Facebook page here.

1. Do I need a fast internet connection to properly stream high-definition video?

2. Is Hulu Plus worth it? Is it better than Netflix?

3. Live sports are pretty much the only thing that can’t easily be watched without cable. Are there any ways to catch sports as they happen?

4. What’s the best set-top box for streaming media to your TV?

5. What are the most popular apps downloaded for Samsung Smart TVs?

6. Which wireless router would you recommend for the best HD streaming experience?

7. I know that if I subscribe to something via computer, such as Hulu Plus for example, I still need a TV with the necessary setup/apps to receive the signals. What setup/apps does the Samsung Smart TV come with to enable consumers to stream things, and what advantages does Samsung have over the other brands?

8. I have Samsungs, a 60″ and a 67″, with HDTV technology. Is it possible to stream videos in particular that require a substantial amount of bandwidth power? How do I ensure that my current TVs can be compliant with the new Smart TVs without breaking the bank?

9. I have a Samsung 52″ series 750 HDTV. Can it be upgraded to the Smart TV technology?

Learn more about the new Samsung Smart TV here and check out the video below.