You’re on vacation. You have your digital camera and you plug it into your friend’s laptop to upload a few pics to your favorite photo sharing site. You’d love to make a few quick adjustments before you publish, but your friend’s computer has no good image editing software. Enter Adobe Photoshop Express online. Through their revamped Flash 9 player, Abobe has created a scaled-back and easy-to-use version of Photoshop which runs entirely in your Web browser. Best of all, it’s free.

Online users won’t find any of the sophisticated masking and layer functions power we’ve have come to rely on in Photoshop proper (Adobe isn’t exactly cannibalizing its customer base here), but they will get a solid suite of editing tools to crop, size, and make a decent array of image-related adjustments like contrast, saturation, and sharpness. One especially welcome component—and this I would qualify as a power feature—is each photo is saved with an unbroken chain of actions history, which means you can undo any step at any time.

It comes with 2GB storage and imports/exports to Facebook, MySpace, and Picasa, with Flickr support close behind. Check it out here.