Seven Bond Villain Schemes that Defy Science

Or do they? From satellites with lasers to radioactive gold, these dastardly deeds have more than a ring of truth to them

James Bond’s latest nemesis in the film Quantum of Solace sees more people on Earth needing more water, and he likes it. “This is the world’s most precious resource,” Dominic Greene says with eyes alight. “We need to control as much of it as we can.”

His plan has the ring of truth. Scientists and policymakers continue to warn about water shortages all across the United States and the world.

Yet both President-elect Obama and Senator McCain were notably brief on how they might deal with the growing disconnect between water policy and actual water use.

No details on exactly what Greene has in mind, but I’d wager that he’ll have his hands full fending off a vengeful British super spy who’s sore over the ending of Casino Royale. Good luck with that. Still, other Bond villains have attempted far crazier schemes with wilder science backing their threats and methods.

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