Color-coded notes are more fun. Reading with a highlighter in hand makes the content easier to follow (even if what you choose to highlight is random). It’s easy to get carried away with writing utensils, metallic ink markers, sharpies, mechanical pencils, two-sided felt tip artist pens, and more. But if you don’t want them all over your desk—after all, their whole point is to help you stay organized—then a pencil case is a good idea. Here are some top choices that range from storing 10 pens to 50.

Organize them in a book. Amazon

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This pencil case is ideal for artists, designers, and anyone who is hyper-organized. Every pencil has its own slot and the case comes in various sizes to fit 24, 48, 72, 96, or 120 pencils. The Speedball pencil case is made from leather, and the three-sized zip closure allows it open like a book, so when you’re sketching or drawing you’ll clearly see each color side by size.

A soft felt pick. Amazon

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This felt pouch is soft, lightweight, and spacious enough to store a few more items besides pens and pencils—highlighters, a portable stapler, headphones, and even a very small A6 notebook. It contains one zipper opening with two different compartments, so you can keep your writing utensils on one side and a charger or toiletries on the other. It comes in two sizes and four color combinations.

It stores up to 50 utensils. Amazon

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This triangle-shaped pen and pencil case is made for stationery lovers. It has multiple compartments for every type of marker, highlighter, and sharpie, and can hold up to 50 writing utensils. The three-sided zipper has a flap to store your favorite writing utensils so they are easily accessible. It also comes with a side pocket for papers and important documents, and despite the many compartments, it’s still compact and easy to carry.