10 Exceptional Images Of Earth From Space

Life on a pale blue dot.
Blue Marble
The 'Blue Marble' image of Earth captured in 2012. NASA/NOAA/GSFC/Suomi NPP/VIIRS/Norman Kuring

It’s nice to set aside a day out of the year to remember that, despite all of the imaginary borders we set up to define ourselves—our offices, neighborhoods, cities and, most importantly to many, countries—we’re all spinning through space on the same blue sphere. After all, that’s what will unite us when the aliens inevitably show up on the White House lawn one day. With all that in mind, for this year’s Earth Day, let’s check out some of the best images of our planet from space because there’s nothing more sobering than the realization that all of human history is contained, as Carl Sagan would say, on a pale blue dot.

EPIC Earth
Pale Blue Dot
The Blue Marble
ISS Flies Over the Mediterranean
Scott Kelly's Good Morning Picture
HD Sky View
A View of the Great Lakes from the ISS
False-Color Image of Earth's Plant Growth
Morning Aurora