You may have heard by now: bees are dropping like flies, continuing to die at unprecedented rates, and the reason why is still a bit of a mystery.

So to give them a leg up, the group Open Tech Forever has developed a beehive that can track the health of bees, and is giving the code away to anyone who wants it. From the project site:

If you’re a professional beekeeper or hobbyist, and handy with electronics, you get a double-whammy: a free design for a high-tech beehive that can monitor your bees’ environment, and a chance to contribute to citizen science.

This isn’t the first attempt to enlist new technology to solve the bee crisis, but it might be the first to bring the idea to the masses. Which is good, since the Bee Crisis is something that needs a solution soon.

Below is a closer look at the hives, and you can find the source code for the hives at the project site.

Boing Boing