Soon You Could Send A Text Or Call A Car With A Click Of Your Heels

Because, really, there's no place like home.

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In the future, getting out of a sticky situation might be as easy as clicking your heels together. Design firm iStrategyLabs just unveiled a prototype system called Dorothy (yeah, that Dorothy) that will fasten to people’s shoes, allowing them to click their heels and end up safely back home in Kansas.

Well, kind of. Here’s how it works: the Dorothy prototype is actually two parts, a small bluetooth capable gadget called the ruby, which attaches to your shoe, and a smartphone app that the ruby communicates with. Via the app, you can decide whether clicking your heels together a set number of times will call your phone from a fake contact number (getting you out of a boring meeting or a bad date) or send a text to predetermined contacts with your exact location (a nice safety backup for unsafe situations).

One of the most widely touted features of Dorothy, the ability to summon an Uber with the click of your heels, is still in the works, but Dorothy’s creators hope that the app will eventually be able to do a lot more, including (according to their blog post) “automatically order your favorite pizza”.

The prototype is small, comparable to a mini chocolate bar, but the designers hope to reduce that dramatically, so that it can be installed in the insoles of shoes.