Technological Breakthrough or Alchemy?


Imagine driving 500 miles nonstop in an electric car, then quickly re-charging if you want to extend your trip. Sound impossible? It might be. Either that or a Texas company called EEStor has come up with a battery replacement called an ultra-capacitor that could make the internal combustion engine obsolete.

The company’s claims have spurred the occasional debate on the Web for the last year. EEStor has said that it plans to “replace the electrochemical battery” in everything from vehicles to laptops. But experts are wary, and have been left to an advanced sort of guessing game, as EEStor hasn’t been leaking out too many details about how its amazing technology works. The general impression, though, is that what they’re claiming is probably impossible, or at least not as wonderful as it sounds. That said, a whole bunch of drivers would love to see the critics proven wrong.—Gregory Mone

Via Yahoo News