PopSci’s iPhone (THE FOOTBALL) Secured – Indiana Comes Through


So as Megan mentioned, I’m here manning the PopSci satellite office in the great state of Indiana on this fateful day. And oh what a state: drove up to an AT&T store 5 minutes from my house at 5:15PM, sat 25th in a sparse line, was filmed for a live local TV news spot, and walked out with an 8GB iPhone by 6:30, being thoroughly congratulated on my purchase by the high-alert staff all the way out the door. I even got a free water bottle while I waited for all of 45 minutes! Suckers!

So yeah, the FOOTBALL is secure. No lawn chairs in the sun (sort of jealous of Pete for that time, had to have been great), no strip club nearby (sort of jealous of John too), no sprint to the subway dodging crackheads to avoid the inevitable mugging on 5th avenue had I been at home in NYC.

And there it is, sprouting from my back yard. My dog just licked the box.

I’m excited to get to work (sorry family!)and hopefully provide some new insights that Walt, David and the rest were afraid to give, for fear of some horrific Jobsian retribution. I don’t even want to think of how many bloggers stricken with post-purchase euphoria are hammering away right now (will they bring down the Web?!), so I’m gonna cut it short. Again, if there’s anything iPhone related you want your faithful PopSci team to investigate, leave it in the comments. –John Mahoney