10 Things We’re Obsessed With In June

Some things are just ... better

This article was originally published in the June 2015 issue of Popular Science, under the title “Obsessed.”


For all the innovations in tool design, the humble box to house them has remained, well, a box. Coolbox not only stores hammers and nails; it also has a tablet stand, built-in battery, LED lights, and even Bluetooth speakers. $179


WowWee’s newest self-stabilizing bot has teeth and talons. But this toy is far from frightful—MiPosaur plays with, guards, and chases a little ball using the company’s BeaconSense technology. If you have a few MiPosaurs, they’ll play with each other too. $120

Leatherman Tread

Leatherman is getting on board with wearables. The stainless-steel Tread multitool is wrist worn and becomes a box wrench, screwdriver, bottle opener, and plenty more. From $150


Whether it’s feasting on blood or invading dreams, the bedbug has disturbed sleepers for millennia. Contributing editor Brooke Borel navigates the history and science of the legendary pest in her debut book. $26

Cards Against Humanity Science Pack

Cards Against Humanity teamed up with science writer Phil Plait and Web comic writer Zach Weinersmith to make the Science Pack. This add-on to the ridiculously popular party game comes with 30 new cards. Each purchase of the new deck supports a scholarship program for women pursuing undergraduate STEM degrees. $10


With Autodesk’s new app (available on iOS, Android, and Windows), kids can bring imaginary creatures to life, or at least 3-D print them. Novice makers can build by dragging and dropping interlocking parts. Free

Asym Energy Boost

A left-handed golfer wouldn’t tee off with a right-hander‘s club. With that in mind, Adidas designed a golf shoe specific to the player’s dominant hand. During a swing, the asymmetrical cleat pattern adds stability and grip only where they’re necessary. $300

Hue Go

Outdoor shindigs need illumination come nightfall. Philips turned its Hue smart bulb into a portable, battery-powered light. It lasts three hours on a charge and, like the smart bulb, changes colors and works with more than 300 third-party apps. $100

Jurassic World

After 22 years, the dinosaurs are back (again). It’s a familiar scene: a theme park, genetically engineered hybrid reptiles, Steven Spielberg. What could go wrong? If you’re still holding out hope for a happy ending–or just want to see the inevitable carnage on the big screen–go see it for yourself. June 12

Tactus PHORM

Tactus’s iPad mini case snaps onto your tablet and uses microfluidic channels to expand a top layer of polymer. The result: your cold, unfeeling touchscreen morphs into a tactile keyboard. $149