You Can Soon Talk To Your Volvo With The Microsoft Band 2

Like a less fun KITT from Knight Rider


If you’re planning on buying a Volvo, there might finally be a reason to pick up a Microsoft Band.

At CES today, Volvo and Microsoft are announcing a partnership where users would be able to start their car, initiate GPS, and turn on the heat, all by remotely talking to their Microsoft Band 2. The integration will also be able to trigger the car’s horn, lock the doors, and flash the lights. (The technology seems primed for practical jokes.)

Volvo compares their system to KITT from Knight Rider, although it doesn’t look like the app will have the same winning personality.

Microsoft and Volvo have collaborated before. In November 2015, the two companies used Microsoft’s HoloLens to show off Volvo’s new cars to customers.

The integration will be available in spring 2016, but no information is out detailing which cars will be able to utilize the feature, and in which regions.