You Can Now 3D Print Your Own Custom Gummies

Satisfy your sweet tooth

Gummies are a versatile candy. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and neon colors. But, if you’d rather have a gummy that says your name, for example, Dylan’s Candy Bar has just the 3D printer for you. Today, the candy store chain has installed the Magic Candy Factory, a 3D printer that creates custom gummy candies. Those with a sweet tooth can choose from 100 different designs, or write out names, words, and greetings in their choice of eight colors and flavors.

The Magic Candy Factory printer uses fused deposition modeling, which means the sweet gummy goop is heated and then extruded from a nozzle into the desired shape. Said goop is made from fruit and vegetable extracts (not gelatin), and the whole process takes 10 minutes, with only about three to five minutes devoted to printing. It will cost $20 per print.

Our previous experience of tasting 3D printed hard candies at Popular Science have been, well, mixed. So, here’s hoping the texture of these gummies are up-to-snuff.

The 3D printed candy experience is available now in Manhattan, and coming to Chicago on May 23, Los Angeles on May 28, and and Miami on June 1.