Weed Delivery Service Will Fly Drugs To Customers Via Drone

Also, they accept Bitcoin

Trees is a Bay-area startup that combines the novelty of selling box kits with the functionality of California’s medical marijuana industry and the enduring gimmick of drone delivery. Watch their brief promo video, set to Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries,” below:

Prices for the boxes range from $59 to $149, and each contains at least a few grams of product. The boxes are themed around flavor and convenience, with the mini boxes highlighted as “for those that need a small amount of cannabis on the go, perfect for concerts or going on a hike.” Trees notes that drone delivery is a future service, and might not be available in all the areas they currently deliver.

While most drone delivery efforts are either one-off stunts or take their time getting FAA approval, Federal bans on the trade, sale, and possession of marijuana, even for medical purposes, make it unlikely that Trees drone delivery operation will go that route. Instead, they’ll exist in that hazy gray area common to much of the unlicensed drone industry and the medicinal marijuana industry: illegal on some level, but operating as though it’s a normal and permitted part of the economy already.