Watch American Battle Tanks Skid Around In Norwegian Snow

Winter warrior ice capades

America’s M1A1 Abrams is a top-line battle tank–a 67-ton heavyweight that can best any other armored vehicle in the world. Designed in the 1970s and first introduced in the 80s, the tank was intended for an armored showdown on the plains of Europe. Instead, it first saw combat instead in Iraq in the first Gulf War, and has deployed to multiple Middle Eastern conflicts since. Operated by both the U.S. Army and the Marine Corps (as well as several foreign allies), Abrams tanks still deploy to Norway annually, where the Marines test them in winter war games.

The tanks, fearsome in battle, are less graceful than penguins when playing in the snow.

The clip comes from AiirSource Military, who note “The training exercise is designed to improve U.S. Marine Corps capability to operate in cold-weather environments.” Indeed, it appears there are improvements to make.

Watch the full video, including several other armored and tracked vehicles, below: