Three power adapters for every world traveler’s suitcase

You’ve got the power.

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Electrical outlets vary in shape and voltage from country to country, so any savvy globetrotter knows to pack the appropriate adapter. With a power converter, you can ensure your blowdryer, phone charger, and electric toothbrush work just like they do in the States. Always be sure to check the voltage range for the country you’re in—you don’t want to overload your gadgets with more voltage than they’re designed to take.

All-in-one: EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter


Attractive And Easy To Use

This adapter is suitable for the outlets in United States, the EU, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It also has four fast-charging USB ports and a USB Type-C port so it can power several devices at once. For safety, it includes a surge protector and spare fuse to prevent overloading and frying your appliances.

Safest option: BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter

Safest option

Perfect Travel Buddy

With three AC ports and four USB ports, this adapter can charge up to seven devices at once. It also includes three adapters for plugs in the U.S., U.K., Europe, and Australia. The key feature of the Bestek is its ability to convert all voltage to U.S. voltage to ensure the safe use of most appliances. Considering the amount of power it packs, the Bestek is lightweight, compact and smart-looking.

Most versatile: OREI World Travel Adapter Plug Set

Most versatile

Your Best Bet

This is a universal adapter for the explorer visiting several countries in a single trip, or someone who isn’t sure where they might end up. Each of these plugs fits snugly into the wall and has two ports to accommodate more than one device at a time. Though this isn’t an all-in-one adapter, the plugs are compact, lightweight, and easy to bring along. An important note: these are not voltage converters, so you will only be able to use them with devices that are dual voltage.