7 Of The Best Gimmick Drones

Drones that deliver cake, beer, pizza, and more

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Drones, despite years of experience at war, are not yet a technology that’s ready for widespread commercial use. That hasn’t stopped businesses, including pizza restaurants, dry cleaners, and cake companies, from cashing in on the future prematurely. These drones, often converted toy models, are typically enlisted to deliver goods, even though they can be pretty wobbly, and they don’t carry a whole lot. They are also not terribly cost-effective, especially when compared with a twentysomething with a bike looking to make some spare beer money.

But the drones don’t actually need to be good at what they do. Simply by virtue of being drones, they’ve already served as news-catching gimmicks and cheap ad pitchmen. Here are seven of the best–by which we mean silliest–gimmick drones.