South Korean Artist Prepares to Launch His Homemade Satellite Into Orbit

South Korean artist Song Ho-jun has spent years working on his very own DIY sputnik, a homemade satellite cobbled together from electronics store parts. It might be the first satellite completely built by an individual. Now, later this year, it’ll launch.

Song started the “Open Satellite Initiative,” an idea he came up with as an intern at a satellite company, and sought experts and information he’d need for the launch. Meanwhile, he ran a small electronics business and got help from his parents.

The final product includes a tiny box–1 kilogram and 10 cubic centimeters–that will send back information on how it’s functioning, such as the status of the battery and temperature. Communication will work the other way, too: people will be able to radio up to it. Once in orbit, it’ll transmit messages via Morse code.

The satellite is set to launch from Kazakhstan in December.

The Telegraph