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Every human semen sample contained microplastics in new study

As if last month’s news that microplastics are easily detectable in human testicles wasn’t bad enough, a new study now further confirms an unfortunately logical conclusion to the uncomfortable truth—polymer particles are increasingly being found in semen. And while previous research documented the pollutants in just some samples, the latest results are especially disconcerting. According […]

US schools aren’t ready for another pandemic

This article was originally published on Undark. The transition to online learning in the United States during the Covid-19 pandemic was, by many accounts, a failure. While there were some bright spots across the country, the transition was messy and uneven—countless teachers had neither the materials nor training they needed to effectively connect with students […]

China’s DNA policing program targeted Tibetans and other minorities, reports reveal

Two reports from The Citizen Lab and Human Rights Watch earlier this month detail China’s deeply disturbing, ongoing campaign to harvest the DNA of its ethnic minority populations and dissidents. This is particularly evident in Tibet where government repression and forced cultural assimilation campaigns have been pushed for decades. Copious evidence from both reports dating […]