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Learn the golden rules of photography (before you break them)

This article was originally featured in Popular Photography. Photography has a lot of rules that are really just principles. Most of them are useful guidelines worth understanding, not edicts to be followed to the letter. In this photography fundamentals series, we’re going to look at when you should follow the rules—and when you should consider […]

Your smartphone camera has great hidden features—here’s how to find them

This article was originally featured on Popular Photography. What could be more fundamental to photography today than our smartphone cameras? They’re ever-present, ready in moments, and the technology behind them makes it easy to capture great photos in most situations. And yet, I regularly encounter people who are unaware of many of the core functions of […]

How AI is helping you edit photos

This article was originally featured on Popular Photography. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in photography are more widespread than ever before, touching every part of the digital image-making process, from framing to focus to the final edit. But they’re also widespread in the sense of being spread wide, often appearing as separate apps or plug-ins that address specific needs. That’s starting to […]