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Google’s AI Overview tells you to eat glue. (Don’t.)

Dogs playing for the NFL. Tips on replacing your car’s “blinker fluid.” Suggesting running with scissors to boost your immune system. These are only a few examples of what it’s like to use Google’s new AI Overview feature—and the first thing many people see when trying to use the world’s most popular search engine.  [Related: […]

NASA and Google Earth Engine team up with researchers to help save tigers

Less than 4,500 tigers remain in the world, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Habitat loss continues to pose an immense existential threat to the planet’s largest cat species—a problem compounded due to the animals residing in some of Earth’s most ecologically at-risk regions and landscapes. To better monitor the […]

A new AI-powered satellite will create Google Maps for methane pollution

Methane emissions, be it from industrial cattle farming or fossil fuel extraction, are responsible for roughly 30 percent of the Earth’s climate change issues. But despite the massive amounts of methane emissions released into the atmosphere every year, it’s often difficult to track the pollutant—apart from being invisible to the human eye and satellites’ multispectral […]

Google announces Gemini, its ‘multimodal’ answer to ChatGPT

On Wednesday, Google announced the arrival of Gemini, its new multimodal large language model built from the ground up by the company’s AI division, DeepMind. Among its many functions, Gemini will underpin Google Bard, which has previously struggled to emerge from the shadow of its chatbot forerunner, OpenAI’s ChatGPT. According to a December 6 blog […]

Geothermal energy now helps power Google’s desert data centers

Google’s first-of-its-kind geothermal power plant is now fully operational in Nevada, marking a major moment in the company’s overall goal to power its office campuses and data centers using carbon-free energy by 2030. Built in partnership with the green energy startup Fervo, the facility feeds clean electricity into a local grid connected to the tech […]