Upgrade your Xbox One with these amazing controllers

From better looks to gameplay-enhancing tech, these controllers will give you an edge.

If you’re old enough you’ll remember the mythical time when Game Genies and auto-fire controllers were all the rage. Everyone wanted to beat their friend’s score in Contra or make their combos in Street Fighter 2 just a little bit easier to pull off. That mindset is back with a vengeance, thanks to the professional gaming scene, where players are looking for the ultimate edge. Now, you may not be looking to take home a million-dollar prize in the next Fortnite tourney, but you can still make gaming more comfortable, and exciting while upping your game by improving your controller. Here are some of the best the Xbox One has to offer.

Dual-tone: Cyberpunk Special edition

Play Like You’re Ages Ahead

Futuristic controls. Amazon

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The Witcher 3 is still talked about as the standard for modern RPG’s five years after its release, so it’s no wonder that folks are amped up for the release of their first-person RPG experience, Cyberpunk 2099, which features acting by Keanu Reeves. So this special edition controller would be alluring even without any real enhancements. But besides the cyber-grime-punk motif it sports, this controller offers an enhanced grip that makes first-person shooters just a tad more comfortable to play.

Most customization: Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition

Take Your Gaming To The Next Level

Design and function improvements. Amazon

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If you’re looking for a competitive edge with a wired controller, the Wolverine Ultimate is a great place to start. With six remappable buttons and an interchangeable D-pad and thumbstick, you’ll have all the choices you need to optimize your setup. The controller is notable for mechanical buttons that respond to a hair-trigger. And then there is Razer’s classic Chroma feature, which allows you to set the colors your controller projects.

The best: Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

When Limitations Just Will Not Do

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The Elite 2 allows for unprecedented customization, including a removable directional pad, adjustable trigger sensitivity, and four removable back paddles. Buttons can be mapped and assigned thanks to an intuitive program, and multiple-preference profiles can be saved for different players or games. The controller handles a lot like the traditional Xbox One controller, but with a more solid feel.

Best throwback design: Hyperkin Duke

Relive The Past

A familiar shape with new connectivity. Amazon

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If you’re yearning for the halcyon days of the first Xbox, nostalgic for the first time you picked up that THIC controller to guide Master Chief through the Covenant hordes, no other controller will do. You get all the classic buttons and big-hand-friendly design as well as all the modern features of the Xbox One controller, including a headphone jack and option buttons. Yes, like the original Duke this is a wired controller, but it comes with a 9-ft detachable USB cable to give you a bit more freedom of movement.