Never underestimate the importance of good shovels. A well-stocked tool shed has more than one, each designed to accomplish a different task. They’re inexpensive, sturdy, and the kind of tool that can last generations if treated well. Some shovels dig holes, some move debris, smaller ones are perfect for gardens, and some of them can even serve as multi-tools for camping and survival situations. When shopping for a shovel, look for durable handles that won’t buckle or snap under pressure, and a strong blade that can stand up to years of abuse. Here are some that suit a variety of lawn care, gardening, and outdoor needs.

Top pick: RotoShovel Roto1 22-Inch Electronic Shovel

Easier On The Wrists

Dig and scoop through the most stubborn soil in any project without breaking a sweat. Amazon

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This electronic shovel from RotoShovel excels at effortlessly digging holes up to seven inches deep and three inches in diameter. Designed specifically for aiding in the toughest and most repetitive garden maintenance projects, it’s constructed from heavy-duty steel and aluminum and powered by a two-hour rechargeable battery pack that allows it to excel at portability and cord-free use. An automatic shutoff feature keeps users safe by interrupting power whenever the thumb switch isn’t depressed or when the shovel blade hits roots, rocks, and other debris.

For general use: Bully Tools 14-Gauge Round Point Shovel

Affordable And Quality

Reliable steel blade. Amazon

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This all-purpose shovel weighs less than five pounds, making it easier to handle over long days of work. Its 14-gauge steel blade is strong enough to break through tough ground, while the D-grip at the end of the 48-inch handle improves leverage when digging up dirt or lifting debris. A one-piece, seamless ferrule holds the blade snuggly to the handle to help prevent separation.

Super-versatile: Besroy Folding Shovel Multitool

For Anyone Who Love The Great Outdoors

Multiple devices are stored in the handle. Amazon

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This portable tactical shovel can extend from 15 inches to 26 inches, and the entire tool breaks down for easy storage in an includes waist pack. The shovel features a serrated magnesium-steel alloy head, and also a number of extra tools: Safety hammer, fire starter, emergency whistle, bottle opener, tactical knife, hex tools, and screwdriver. The hollow handle provides storage so everything’s available when you need it.

Durable: AMES Aluminum Scoop with Hardwood Handle and D-Grip

When A Hole’s Not The Goal

Includes a thicker grip. Amazon

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This shovel features a 15-inch-wide, 19-inch-long, rust-proof aluminum scoop that can handle debris, dirt, and rubble. The 26-inch hardwood handle is durable, and includes an ergonomic D-group at the end for better leverage and control. At just a little more than three pounds, it won’t wear you down no matter how much lifting you do.

Portable: Bond LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel

When You’re On The Go Or In The Garden

Powder-coated paint resists rust. Amazon

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At only 26 inches, this smaller shovel is a great tool for gardening or camping, and you can throw it into your off-road vehicle for those times when you’re stuck in the mud. It features a heat-treated blade that cuts through tough ground and roots, a non-slip handle, and an ergonomic D-grip. The powder-coated paint resists rust, and the lightweight, fiberglass handle won’t snap easily.