A home security system is so much more than a break-in deterrent—it’s a way to keep tabs on every type of unexpected event at your place while you’re away. Not long ago, home security systems were prohibitively expensive, difficult-to-install behemoths with complicated user interfaces and only the most basic of tech. In recent years, though, the home security market has blown wide open, offering up stylish and accessible designs with some of the most useful new technologies all with breathtakingly simple installation requirements. If you’re looking to protect your pets, valuables, and peace of mind, it’s never been easier or more affordable to deck out your home with 24/7 monitoring, motion detectors, cloud video recording, and more.

Here’s a list of our favorite whole-home security kits currently on the market.

DIY security done right. Amazon

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Ring offers a comprehensive, stylish home security kit that includes a keypad, base station, contact sensors, and a motion detector all designed to work right out of the box. From simpler features like mobile trigger notifications to more advanced options like optional 24/7 monitoring, this is a great kit for one- to two-bedroom homes that allows room for expandability should you need it. It also offers full Alexa integration so you can arm, disarm, and receive notifications verbally.

Budget-friendly and user customizable. Amazon

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Wyze’s home security kit is extremely cost-effective if you can afford a little setup time. It has tons of features commonly found in other smart home-integrated security kits including motion sensing, door and window open notifications, and video recording. Smart home integration using IFTTT means that the system is super customizable and you can even sync it up with your smart home devices if you want to, say, turn on a bulb when motion is detected.

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This is a great piecemeal security kit that’s easy to expand and uniform in design and appearance. Each compact unit houses a day and night camera, motion detector, and two-way audio for talking with visitors using the Blink app and boasts a two-year battery life. In addition to being Alexa-compatible, Blink offers free cloud storage for all your recorded clips for up to a year.

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If you’re looking for a robust home security system but don’t need video recording or camera access, this eight-piece kit from Cove goes above and beyond to keep your stuff protected. It includes a flood sensor, motion detector, contact sensors, remotes, and a control pad, and you can add pieces as your needs grow. Cove also offers optional 24/7 monitoring that will keep first responders just a notification away.