Photo printers for making high-quality images at home

Don’t let those good moments stay in your iPhone

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We’ve all been guilty of it. You go on vacation, take thousands of photos, and then live on your phone or camera without being printed and displayed across your walls. Aside from backing up your photos, the next thing you should prioritize is printing. But the days of dropping off your film rolls at your local pharmacy are gone. Photo printers are now portable, affordable, and produce high-quality prints right in your home. There’s no excuse now—find the best one for you below.

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No cables, only 4×6 printed memories here. Connect to the Kodak Dock Plus Instant Photo Printer via Bluetooth and bring those photos to life on high-quality glossy paper. You can get photo prints in less than 50 seconds, with or without a border, so you get the look you want, fast. The Kodak app, available in iOS and Android, allows for even more customization with stickers, layouts and more. If you’re printing a lot of photos, you can also use the convenient USB-C dock at the top of your printer to connect your phone. The photo printer also offers affordable cartridges that use 4Pass technology to get you the best quality possible.

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As a photographer, you’re incredibly particular about lighting and details in your work. It’s no surprise that you’d be as meticulous with the quality of your prints. This Canon photo printer is just what you need to go pro at home. Get those deep blacks and detailed color graduations without losing sharpness in every print, thanks to anti-clogging technology. This tech puts your print first by dispensing the colors you want and automatically switching to a backup if a clog appears. The 11-color Lucia Pro Ink system puts out more than 30 million drops of coloring per second! Your 17×22 prints will be real works of art on your walls.

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Between family vacations and day-to-day life, time to print photos is almost impossible to schedule. You need a printer that will make your life easier, not harder. Meet the Epson PictureMate. You get to choose out of two sizes (4×6 and 5×7) and print beautiful, glossy photos by connecting your phone to the printer over Wi-Fi. In under 40 seconds, you can get your memories in your hand, ready to frame. There’s only one cartridge to take care of and the photo paper won’t set you back much. Plus it’s lightweight so you can print scratch and fade resistant photos while you watch a movie or take it with you to do while on vacation.

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If you’re into scrapbooks, mini photo albums, or art projects, this Kodak photo printer creates wallet-sized prints perfect for those crafts. The printer is about the size of an iPhone, which is extremely convenient to carry around your bag. You can use the Kodak App or the Bluetooth-enabled connection to select your photos and print them with high-quality ink. These portraits will stay bright for up to 10 years. It’s user-friendly, easy to set up and get going.


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