If you’re an indoor-plant owner, then you’re no stranger to the oxygenating presence and relaxing ambience that living, photosynthesizing greenery provides. Unfortunately, these botanicals are also difficult to keep alive. Fret not, though, you can change save a plant life by simply upgrading your gardening kit. For instance, you can swap out your water glass for one of these three nifty watering tools. Your home and your twiggy roommates will thank you for it.

Fashionable and functional: Novelty Indoor Watering Can

Basic And Effective

Adopt a can-do attitude when it comes to hydrating your plants. Amazon

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These attractive half-gallon watering cans have a simple, modern design and come in white, green or red. The looped handle makes them easy to carry and hang on a hook when not in use. Meanwhile, the long spout is narrow enough to fit into small spaces and is long enough to drench hard-to-reach roots with little effort. The cans are made with durable UV-resistant plastic; plus, they’re just the right capacity for your indoor-plant wonderland.

For accuracy: Mkono Plant Flower Succulent Watering Bottle

Precision Is Key

Precise option with a bent spout. Amazon

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If you’ve got any tiny plants in your collection like succulents, Venus flytraps, and orchids, you may want a watering device that gets down to their level. This lightweight watering bottle comes in a set of two (250 and 500-milliliter capacity) with scale marks to show you exactly how much water you’re releasing. The bent spout lets you nudge past stems and individual plants with a level of precision you won’t get from traditional cans. The bottles can also be used to deposit fine amounts of nitrogen and fertilizer.

Does the work for you: Wyndham House 3-piece Mini Watering Globe Set

Stylish Addition To Your Tools

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For an alternative to standard watering cans, these elegant blown-glass globes provide a perfect way to systemize your watering process. The handmade pieces allow plants to naturally draw liquids through their soil and root system over time, so they prevent overwatering and work independently, in case you need to skip town for a bit. Just lodge them into the plant holder and voila. Each set comes with three 7.75-inch-long pieces.