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Updated Mar 30, 2023 11:28 AM

Having the right lawn equipment is crucial when you own a home and want to maintain a lush lawn, and one of the first garden tools you should consider purchasing is a hose. Whether you opt for an expandable garden hose, a lightweight or a retractable garden hose, however, is all dependent on your space. The variability of real estate properties and their watering needs have spawned an industry that focuses exclusively on water delivery, and we’ve rounded up the best garden hoses to help you raise your backyard landscaping game.

Why having the best garden hose is important for your lawn’s health

If you’re like most American homeowners, it’s highly likely that your buried sprinkler system has long been broken. The stresses of age, of neglecting to pump the water out during a cold snap or simple clogging from contaminated fluids being pumped up to the sensitive spray needles have done a number on your automatic watering system, and there are areas of your yard or garden that need a drink now and then—which is why having the best garden hose on hand is imperative for your lawn care.

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The best garden hoses: Reviews & Recommendations

Best expandable: TheFitLife Flexible and Expandable Garden Hose



One of the hottest trends in the past few years has been the invention of the expandable garden hose that doesn’t kink. Patios, driveways or perfectly manicured lawns are all prime locations for this style of hose. These fabric-wrapped, rubberized coils shrink to an easily transported size when the water pressure is turned off and extend to full length when pressure is applied. Some of them come with hangable sacks or can be thrown into an unused pot for easy storage, making for the most convenient option if you don’t enjoy the ritual of a neatly coiled water hose. Because the outer sheathing of an expandable hose is absorbent fabric, these are best used around areas that don’t have a lot of dirt or mulch, as the fabric will pick up pieces of debris when it’s dragged across your yard.

Best permanent coil: Water Right PCH-025-EP-6PKRS 300 Series 25 Foot Coil Hose

Water Right


If your gardening needs are simple and don’t require a large volume of water—and you like the aesthetics of a spring-loaded, lightweight garden hose—the Slinky-type coil hose is right for you. These coils resemble the vintage toy that could magically walk downstairs on its own and, if you stay within the 25-foot length, are a dream to manage.

Best hybrid rubber: Giraffe Garden Hose 25 feet Lightweight Hybrid 5/8 inch

Giraffe Tools


Made of strong, modern materials that can take temperature swings, sun exposure and rough abuse, these hybrid rubber garden hoses are designed for commercial use and can take a beating. Perfect for connecting to a sprinkler and moving over mulch, dirt and around trees, the classic hose is the most commonly used for residential applications. For other classic garden hoses, try this 50’ option or this 100’ garden hose.

Best for drinking: Camco 25-Ft TastePURE Drinking Water Hose



If you’ve ever taken a long slurp from the end of a hose, you’ll know that they are not meant to transfer drinking water and commonly leave a plastic, rubbery aftertaste in your mouth. There have been advances in technology the last few years that eliminate this chemical effect, and while the prices are higher and the longevity of the hose can be compromised by the PVC materials that don’t stand up to UV rays or temperature fluctuations with the strength of traditional rubber, if you’re intent on drinking water from your hose—or need an RV water hose for your camper rig—you’ll want to purchase a BPA-free version. In general, if the product is made from polyurethane, it’s safe for drinking water, but always check the label to be sure. For a longer drinking hose, try this 50’ Flexzilla hose.

Best commercial: Gilmour Pro Commercial Hose 3/4 Inch



You’ll likely use a commercial style hose for a permanent installation instead of casual daily use, but these hoses are built for toughness instead of flexibility. Often extremely stiff due to their double-walled manufacturing, these are typically not suited for roll-up hose keepers and instead must be coiled by hand.

Things to consider when choosing the best garden hose

The endless options of garden hoses on the market—stainless steel garden hose or rubber garden hose? 25 feet in length or 50?— can seem intimidating, especially if you’re particular about trip hazards, have difficulty carrying heavy weight around or just want a tidy garden hose storage solution for your outdoor living space. There are hanging racks to consider, whether you intend to leave the hose outside year-round or store indoors and, of course, the length you’ll need to reach every plant in your yard that needs a good dose of H2O.

While aesthetics are definitely a consideration for anything visible in your backyard landscaping, you’ll also want to only buy enough hose for your lawn’s needs; for example, a 100 ft garden hose isn’t always the best option, particularly if your backyard is on the smaller size. Having an extra 20 feet of unused hose is just a hassle and will drive you crazy every time you coil it back up.

When shopping for the best garden hose, pick a suitable length for your needs—these are standardized at 25, 50 or 100 feet—and think about how you’ll store it when it’s not in use. The easiest method is a large hanger so you can string long sections of the hose without having to coil it tight, but not everyone has the luxury of space to accommodate a platform like that, so it’s possible a mobile, crank garden hose storage box or portable bag is your best bet.


Q: What is standard garden hose size?

The standard garden hose sizes are 25, 50 or 100 feet in length—however, longer is not always better. Once you move into the 50 ft or even 100 ft garden hose length, it becomes frighteningly easy to turn the whole thing into a tangled mass of frustration, so keep this in mind if you do decide to purchase a permanent coil hose that’s longer than 25 feet.

Q: How long should a garden hose last?

The best garden hoses should last 10 years or more, but that’s dependent on how well you take care of your garden tools. For example, leaving a hose out in the sun or exposed to other weather elements can cause rapid deterioration and dramatically decrease your hose’s shelf life. If you fully drain your hose after use every time and coil it neatly—kinking can lead to tears and holes—before storing it in a safe place, you’ll get many more years out of it.

Q: What is the best kink-free garden hose?

The best kink-free garden hoses are, hands down, the expandable hoses. The design makes it impossible to pinch the flow of water off while you’re using them. 

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A final word on the best garden hoses

There are many reasons you’ll want to purchase a hose for your home; maybe, you don’t have a sprinkler system or your house is outfitted with a patio or deck filled with container plants that need individual hand-watering. The best garden hoses aren’t always the longest ones—in fact, a 25 ft product may last longer than a 50 ft or 100 ft hose—so survey your lawn and your needs before making a decision on what is the right product for you.

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