Flying toys that will enthrall your kids

You can thank drones for all these new flying toys.

father and son playing with rc helictoper
Tiny helicopters and fairies that twirl in the air.DepositPhotos

Propelled by the growing popularity and availability of drones, more and more toys seem to be taking to the sky. Be it a helicopter, spaceship, or fairy princess, your kid’s favorite plaything likely flies through the air.

There are plenty of delightful, easy-to-maneuver toys that will (passively) teach kids the basics of flight physics. Here are some of our favorites.

Syma Wind Hawk Remote Control Helicopter
Able to take off freely from your left helipad or your right helipad.Amazon

Literally small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the Syma Wind hawk has a sturdy metal body, flexible plastic blades, and two adjustable air speed settings. The remote has an impressive 65-foot range, and the lift/land controls are precise enough that Syma approves the Wind Hawk for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Flying Unicorn Toys Flying Fairy Toys for Girls Flying Ball RC Helicopter
No clapping required.Amazon

Helicopters and orbs are no-brainers, but a remote-controlled unicorn that flies is next level. After an estimated 20 minute charging time, the unicorn can remain in the air for 8-10 minutes, powered by her flexible skirt/rotator blades. Because the unicorn is meant to be held in a child’s hand before takeoff, the blades build from a slow rotation to liftoff, ensuring that there aren’t any surprise and potentially injurious sudden bursts of blade speed. Like the orb, this isn’t a sophisticated flying machine, but it’s a fun amalgam of the drone concept and the traditional doll.

Street Walk Hand Operated Drones
The Force is strong with this one.Amazon

Shaped like a mothership from a sci-fi movie, the DEERC Drone is as visually impressive as it is innovative. Using infrared motion sensors, the drone is controlled by the palm of your hand. You can raise it, lower it, move it left or right just by changing hand positions. Despite its menacing look, the drone is constructed out of soft plastic, so you can spare your delicate home goods as you master the control system. It charges via USB and is loaded with colorful LED lights. If you’re looking for a drone that also makes you feel like a Jedi, this is the one.