In this dog-eat-dog world, there are innumerable brands vying for your furry friend’s attention (and your wallet). That competition has made for some pretty nifty dog-walking gear. Below, some of the coolest and most convenient supplies for your daily stroll.

Walk while you run. Amazon

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This leash gives you a hands-free jogging experience with ample room for your dog to run beside or behind you. It has a shock-absorbing bungee in case your dog pulls you suddenly and two handles to guide your furry friend. The waist belt is adjustable and has a removable pouch that is handy for storing keys, your phone, poop bags, and treats. There is also reflective stitching throughout the leash and waistband, which makes it good for early morning or late-evening walks. Grab it in one of six different colors.

Food or drink to go. Amazon

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A collapsible bowl is a great for any dog on the go. Clip it or longer walks or hikes, this bowl is super handy because it can clip on anywhere with the carabiner, and it collapses down for easy packing. It’s made out of food-grade silicone, and it’s odorless and extremely durable too. They come in two sizes, small or large, and a variety of fun, bright colors.

Because older dogs need sunshine, too. Amazon

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For older pets or pets that suffer from injury, arthritis, or joint pain, this dog stroller has an easy, zipperless push-button entry from both the front and back. You can adjust the handle height to your comfort, and this stroller is spacious enough for larger dogs or multiple pets at once. It folds down for easy storage, too.

Always pick it up. Amazon

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Bark’s biodegradable bags come in a cardboard box with 300 unscented, easy-to-tear bags. The bags have cute sayings on them to help you forget what you’re picking up. They are also durable, so you won’t have a mess on your hands.