Simply buying a pup from a good lineage will not mean you have the perfect pup or hunting buddy. You have to put in the time. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily need much to get you from bouncy puppy to sleek hunter.

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These natural dog treats are a perfect choice for training your pup in the field. At three calories each, they won’t stuff your dog but will provide plenty of positive reinforcement. Chicken, duck, salmon or other real food is the first ingredient, and they don’t include corn, wheat, soy artificial colors or flavors. They’re also made in the U.S.A.

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Yes, pointing dogs are instinctually inclined to point. But making sure your dog consistently points to a bird every time will not come without work. This DVD is separated into four, 20-to 40-minute lessons that will help you achieve your goal. Creator George Hickox has helped thousands of dog owners. Let him help you.

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Plastic dummies have become one of the go-to training tools for puppies and even adult dogs learning how to be a good hunting companion. This one is tough but soft enough your dog learns quickly how hard it should mouth its quarry. The knobs on the side also help prevent hard mouth, and a valve allows you to adjust weight and firmness with water or air. It’s made of BPA-free vinyl, and it floats.