The best rakes for yard maintenance

There’s a tool for every job and a rake for every lawn .

rakes against a building
Keep your yard clean.Ronaldo de Oliveira via Unsplash

As kids doing yard work, we’re often stuck with lackluster tools. You know, the rake with extremely thin tines that took a thousand tries to move just a few leaves, or that antique metal rake that all the pine cones got stuck in. As an adult, you have the power to choose what tools you use. Below are our favorite rakes that can adapt to the job or fit a purpose not any old rake can handle. You (or maybe your kids) can thank us later.

Gardenite 63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake
More than meets the tines.Amazon

At 63 inches, this rake is longer than many of its competitors and its head can go from 7 to 22 inches to fit the area you’re tending. Need to get that pile of leaves under the porch? Just pull the head and the rake’s 15 tines will come together to fit into that hard-to-get-to area. The rake’s adjustability also means it takes up less storage space. This is perfect for grass, leaves, and pinecones but not recommended for rocks and heavier material.

Midwest 10036 Aluminum Landscape Rake, 36-Inch
Sturdy workhorse.Amazon

The Midwest 10036 is ideal for larger landscaping jobs such as moving gravel, spreading grass seed over naked soil, and pulling vines. Its sides also come in handy for grading. A 66-inch wooden frame and metal tines make it tough and sturdy and yet surprisingly lightweight.

Jardineer 63-inch Adjustable Garden Rake
Smooth operator.Amazon

With a 63-inch telescoping aluminum handle and a 23-inch head, this Jadrineer spares you from bending down while you rake the leaves out of your garden or tend your sidewalk. Its lightweight build means you’ll be outdoors longer. You won’t be taking on heavy-duty jobs, but its ease of use might lead you to get more smaller jobs done.

ROOT ASSASSIN RK-001 58-Inch Yard & Garden Rake Multi-Tool
This option gets deep.Amazon

The name alone should tell you this isn’t a tool to take lightly. It’s perfect for scooping up fallen fruit, tending a compost pile, or skimming your pool. It can perform some tasks of a shovel but we wouldn’t go trying to dig a foundation with one of these. Surprisingly though, its 58-inch aluminum frame and head only weigh 1.75 pounds.