There’s a reason that piano is such a popular instrument for beginners, and it’s got everything to do with those unmistakable black and white keys. With a repeating pattern and simple playing mechanic, piano endows players with the distinct feeling that infinite possibilities are right at your fingertips. You don’t need to lug a behemoth up your stairs and into your house to start playing piano today, and these beginner-friendly keyboards are designed to be the perfect guide to every type of learner. From Alexa-compatible keyboards to keyboards that teach music lessons, here are a few of our favorite options currently available.

Best teaching: The ONE Smart Piano with Light-Up Keys

Learn To Tickle The Ivories

Music lessons in the bag. Amazon

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The ONE Music Group offers a 61-key keyboard that is every bit as smart as it is portable. Ideal for visual learners, this keyboard works in tandem with a proprietary sheet music app for iOS and Android to speed up the learning process and beef up your repertoire. Even the keys light up to indicate where you should be playing at a given moment. Grab the version with the included bench and stand if you’re looking to set up at home.

Best mini: Casio SA76 44-Key Mini Personal Keyboard

For Going Mobile

Bite-sized for practice on-the-go. Amazon

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This Casio mini keyboard is perfect for learning on the go, portable songwriting, and more. Contained within its 23.8 x 8.3-inch footprint are 44 keys, two 1.2-watt speakers, 100 sounds, 50 rhythm patterns, and five percussion pads—plenty more than a lot of full-size keyboards offer—and it can disappear into a backpack or duffle when you don’t need it. Use the melody on/off lesson when you feel like learning something new and the onboard LCD display will show you where you stand.

Most intelligent: Roland 61-Key GO:PIANO with Alexa

Give Your Keys Commands

“Alexa, ask GO:PIANO to start recording.” Amazon

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Roland now offers an Alexa-enabled keyboard that can be almost entirely voice-controlled—no fiddling with menus required here. Ask Alexa to record your playing and the keyboard will do it; ask to turn on the metronome, turn up the volume or change the sound and it’s as good as done. Plus, you can sync it with an Amazon Music account and play tunes right out of the keyboard’s speakers.