As Marie Kondo would say, your socks work hard for you—they spend all day in between your feet and shoes, getting bunched and twisted, while you walk and work. Buying socks may seem like a bore, but we should all respect the process that gets us this important accoutrement. Not looking to do a bunch of sock technology research? Don’t worry; we already did that for you. Below are some of our favorite socks out there.

Like a hug for your foot. Amazon

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If you have foot pain, get these FDA registered socks and don’t look back. They help with poor circulation, achilles heel, ankle support, plantar fasciitis, and more. The interlocking stitching provides quality support and is perfect for active sports, as well as running and jumping. They’re great for just wearing around the house, too.

A little extra padding. Amazon

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For cold temps and rough conditions, this unisex Smartwool performance sock is designed for winter hikes, mountaineering, backpacking, and more. It’ll keep your toes toasty and your feet dry with a comfortable fit, and is super breathable too. These socks are also slightly padded so they help with absorption. They’re made out of merino wool, nylon, and elastane.

For lounging around the house. Amazon

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These winter socks will be your best friend on cold days, since they are fleece-lined and will keep your feet extra cozy. They are perfect for walking around the house, too since they have an anti-slip rubber on the bottom. The women’s version comes with an extra fleece lining on the top, but both men’s and women’s winter socks are available in a variety of fun, festive patterns.

Thin, yet very warm. Amazon

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Made out of 80 percent silk and 20 percent nylon, these mid-calf socks are worth the price since they are super high-quality and will keep your feet insanely warm, while feeling silky smooth. It’s made with Thermoregulation Terramar Sports Technology that adapts to any conditions, and adjusts to your own body temperature.

Most stylish. Amazon

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These bamboo socks are discreet, stylish, and extremely functional. Bamboo is even more durable than cotton, and these socks are breathable, absorbent, and antibacterial.