Anyone who has ever spent a day skiing knows the misery of feeling like one’s fingers might fall off. Poor circulation and medical conditions can also leave the body’s extremities more vulnerable to pain. Hand warmers are an essential accessory for happiness when engaging in certain sports, fishing, hunting, or even just waiting for the bus. Here’s how to keep your hands toasty.

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What to look for in a hand warmer mostly depends on how often you’re going to need one, and how much preparation you are planning to put in. Disposable hand warmers are perfect for occasional users and people who don’t want to do much prep—just pop a packet in your pocket and snap it open later, up the mountain or out on the lake. Slim and small enough to slide into your gloves without impeding hand movement, disposable heating packs are also great for keeping sensitive devices, such as iPhones, warm in an interior pocket.

Durable metal heaters are great for those who take pride in their outdoorsy accessories and like to show off their kit while camping or fishing. Refillable with lighter fluid, they do require some pre-planning, and, while great for consistent 12-hour heat, are not suitable for sliding inside gloves.


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Super-modern hand warmers are rechargeable and battery-powered, with a plethora of extra functions, including varying heat levels, power level displays, and USB connections to charge up devices. Travel-friendly, but regular recharging from a power outlet is required.