Did you know that sweat itself doesn’t actually smell? What you’re smelling when you get a whiff of yourself post-workout are the waste products of the bacteria that have feasted on your sweat. Deodorant will help, but so will clothes designed to keep your kit as sweat-free as possible.


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Opinions vary on whether there is a single best fabric when it comes to picking something that’s ideal of exercise, but one word that you want to look for is “wicking”. This means that the fabric is designed to pull moisture away from your skin. This is important as the longer sweat sits on your skin, the more chance bacteria have to make a meal of it.


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Feet can smell a bit funky at the best of times and that’s before you add in any additional exercise. So, when it comes to socks, keep an eye out for a cotton blend that means feet will sweat less, clever anti-bacterial finishes, or copper-infused yarn that contains ions that kill the bacteria that cause odours.

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As well as wanting fabrics that will wick sweat away quickly, you also want fabrics that will dry quickly. Especially if you’ve got periods of intense exercise followed by rests, as the last thing you want is a clammy shirt as you cool down. Synthetic fabrics are great for doing exactly that, but do need a quick wash or they can harbour odours. A better option can be a fine merino wool instead. Wool handles moisture well, and also contains fatty acids that absorb bacteria, meaning your gear stays stink-free.