Even if you aren’t using plastic or paper cups, you can still reduce your waste while making coffee at home. Almost every machine or method of making coffee has a reusable filter option. Here’s a list of eco-friendly filters that will help you cut down on waste, making your delicious cup of joe even tastier.

Keurig My K-Cup filters

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Keurig’s My K-Cup filters work with all Keurig machines. If you have a machine at home or in the office, all you have to do is have ground beans to toss in the plastic filter. The BPA-free device has two lines to fill your grounds to—one for a cup at home and another for a travel mug. The lid snaps tight, so grinds won’t spill into your machine.

Delibru Multi-Use K-Cup

Another reusable K-Cup choice. Amazon

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Delibru’s K-Cups work with first- and second-generation Keurig machines. This set comes with four, so you can have some at home and at work. Grind up your own personal favorite beans to have at a moment’s notice. Better tasting coffee and steps toward a greener world? Sweet.

Sealpod Nespresso capsules

Keurig machines aren’t the only pod-based coffee system that could use an eco-friendly update. Amazon

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Sealpod reusable Nespresso capsules will help you cut down on waste if you use a Nespresso machine. These Sealpods work with OriginalLine machines, come in sets of five, and are made of stainless steel. The sticker lids—there are 102 lids in the set—are recyclable and made of either paper or foil. This box also comes with five capsule covers and a scoop to transfer grinds into the pods.

Bolio Hemp Cone Coffee Filter

They’ve got one for pour-over coffee makers as well. Amazon

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Bolio’s coffee filters are made of 100-percent organic hemp. Instead of single-use paper filters, you can use an eco-friendly hemp version. All you have to do is rinse it with hot water and hang them up to dry. Make sure to get a filter that fits your machine. It comes in a variety of sizes and shapes for various types of coffee makers.

Barista Warrior metal pour over filter

If you aren’t into the hemp filters, try a metal one. Amazon

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These Barista Warrior stainless steel filters work with Hario V60 and Chemex brewers. It’ll also fit most other ceramic coffee makers, but was designed specifically for the Hario and Chemex. It has a dual filtration system with a stainless steel mesh on the interior and a laser-cut filter on the outside. The silicon ring on top helps prevent the filter from sliding around. It’s dishwasher safe and super easy to clean.